Adapter 20mm VAG BMW E30 4×100 – 5×120 57mm

  • Thickness: 20mm
  • Colour: Silver
  • Bolts pattern (PCD): 4x100 5x120
  • Series: ADAPTER
  • Center bore: 57mm
  • Type: Type 8 - Bolt-on adapter with studs for bolt pattern change with replaceable centering rings
  • Catalogue number: 082001



DURARACE Adapter is the only such solution in Europe, allowing safe conversion from wheel rims with bolt pattern, for example : 4×100 to any spacing, like 5×120.
Made from an aircraft forged alloy 7075-T6. Our adapter enables secure mounting to the hub with four bolts and rims to the adapter using five studs with nuts.

The perfect solution, for example, for the BMW E30, when we do not want to replace the hubs to mount rims from newer models with 5×120 bolt pattern.

All fasteners are carefully selected by us to ensure safety and reliability of connection, therefore each of them has a strength class of min. 10.9.

Our adapter has a removable aluminum centering ring. Thanks to this, changing the rim does not necesarily mean that we have to replace the entire adapter, but just the centering ring.

The set (two adapters) includes bolts and nuts.