Rear floor carrier panel reinforcement plates BMW E46

  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Catalogue number:
  • Colour: Silver
  • Catalogue number: DRM-E46-RFC




DURARACE reinforcement plates are a product designed and specially prepared for BMW E46 owners.

This model is troubled by the problem resulting from a major structural desing flaw – a cracking rear floor in the area of ​​the rear subframe mountings.

This applies to all E46 bodies except the Compact model. This is particularly noticeable in stronger versions from the early years of production – 323, 328 and 330. In the later period, the number of spot welds was increased, while the problem was not completely eliminated, which can be seen in the strongest model – M3, in which the cracking of the floor occurs throughout the production period (2001-2006). Models with SMG gearboxes are particularly vulnerable due to large impact forces during gear changes.

We come to meet offering a set of reinforcements for the rear floor. Designed using the latest engineering programs. It is made of 100% on the laser and CNC folding press making it a perfect match to the rear floor panel.

When designing, we looked into the construction of the rear floor and the location of spot welds, so that our plates are not just an overlay that does not add much. The shape of our reinforcement plates corresponds to the entire area where cracks may appear. Thanks to the holes and notches in the place of spot welds, we are able to make a secure connection of several layers of sheets, which will eliminate the problem once and for all.

The reinforcements are made of 2mm thick steel sheet CR4 (DC01), suitable for this type of application.

In the case of using BMW E46 in a motorsport – time attack, drift, kjs, it is NECESSARY to use reinforcements, because in the case of such use, cracking of the floor is inevitable. We also recommend assembly in civil cars regardless of the way of driving, because this problem applies to all copies.

Installation requires dismantling the rear subframe and welding into the original floor.

Reinforcements do not require modification of any part of the floor.

The set includes 6 plates – 4 in the rear subframe mounting points and 2 under the push rod at the driveshaft flange on the differential.